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Publisher: All-Russian public organization "Academy of Engineering Sciences named after A.M. Prokhorov".

# 05, May 2012

Instrument Engineering

77-48211/404607 Fuzzy Chaplygin problem
# 05, May 2012
E.R. Muhammetjanov, I.A. Mochalov
We solve the problem of aerial photography as an equivalent variation problem with given functional and accurate boundary conditions; this problem includes obtaining the fuzzy trajectory of the plane flying round the maximum area at crosswind, which affects the plane with constant given fuzzy velocity. The object model was defined as a differential equation without constraints on the control and coordinates. It was shown that optimal flyby trajectory in the polar coordinate system was represented as a fuzzy ellipse.
77-48211/368736 Research of double exposure mask technology’s critical parameters
# 05, May 2012
A.E. Averyanikhin, D.V. Tihomirov
Algorithms of topology transformation of submicron VLSIC, oriented to application for several classes of complex function blocks, designed for further manufacturing according to the technology of double exposure mask and met the demand for reproduction of given topology according to the technology of double exposure mask.
77-48211/361977 Laser gas analysis for complex low-component mixtures
# 05, May 2012
M.L. Belov, V.A. Gorodnichev, L.N. Eremenko, N.I. Narykova
The paper describes the problem of gas reconstruction in laser gas analysis.Signal processing procedures based onmethod of Bayesian estimator were describedfor the differential absorption method. It was shown that usage ofBayesian estimator allowed to solve the problem of gas reconstruction for complex low-component gas mixtures efficiently.
77-48211/359541 Statistical dynamics of second-order phase-locked loop under the influence of combined noise.
# 05, May 2012
B.I Shahtarin, T.G. Aslanov
A comparative analysis of statistical characteristics of phase locked loop was carried out, when harmonic interference along with noise influences on its entrance. As the result of solving of Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equation (FPK), the probability density function (PDF) of the error signal, the average time until loss of synchronization and the probability of skipped cycle were obtained. The comparison of two approaches of obtaining of statistical characteristic was carried out.
77-48211/351639 Enhancement of search requests with encyclopedic knowledge
# 05, May 2012
O.V. Peskova, T.M. Bagautdinov
The possibility of search request processing with bringing in the additional knowledge of open encyclopedia Wikipedia was considered. New algorithm for request enhancement, using semantic data from the specified source, was developed. System allowing to search through the collection of documents using advanced request, was designed and developed. The efficiency of the search in the developed system was estimated for ordinary search along with two variants of developed algorithm of search enhancement: using HITS algorithm and using Dice’s coefficient to obtain the key concepts.
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